Facebook auto poster is the Development Platform for facebook

We have launched the beta version of the Facebook Development Platform, a new set of services enabling developers to create outside applications that work with Facebook. This first edition will bring Facebook friend relationships, photos, events, and profile information to web and desktop applications. We think this is a great opportunity for users and developers to engage with Facebook in new and exciting ways.

The discussion forum in the Facebook Development Platform Group is very active, with programmers collaborating on projects, offering tips, and reviewing each others work.

If you are a programmer, you should check out the Facebook Development Platform Group. You can share your ideas, find people with common interests, and ask questions of the community of Facebook developers. The discussion group has a lot to offer, including the direct assistance of the Facebook team that brought you the development platform.

For people who arent into programming, the Facebook Development Platform means you?ll begin to see interesting applications, both on the web and your desktop, that extend your Facebook experience to anything that youre into. We enforce the same set of privacy rules for your information as when youre on Facebook, but now you can choose to use your information in the applications developed by other people through our platform. To see what people have done, and what you?d like to use, check out the product directory.

Facebook auto poster software runs because of work done in the development community, so were really excited to contribute this development platform back to it. Our new site at http://developers.facebook.com also includes some open source projects were been working on.

Tips on How to Transfer Money to Bangalore

There are a lot of ways on how to send money to  Bangalore from the United States. Two of the most widely used method of sending money are banks and prepaid debit cards. If your recipient has an existing account on a certain bank it is best to create an account on the bank you prefer. It is a great idea because money sent on the same bank with the recipient is processed quickly compared to other methods of transferring money. Sometimes, it is also less costly if you will transfer money within the same bank. In this case Currency exchange in Bangalore is the best currency translator in the word.

If you chose to transfer money within banks, it is  an easy task. Although the process may be easy but the time of transfer may take several waiting periods before the amount can be transferred into another bank. Normally, it may take 5 working days with a substantial higher cost than the same bank to bank transfer.

Transfer money to  Bangalore by currency exchange in Bangalore  using a bank is one of the easiest way to do it. Currency exchange can actually transfer your money quickly to the recipient but it may require consequent bank to be able to receive the money. The charge is  expensive if you engage in an international wire transfer. But if you need to transfer the money as quickly as possible, wire transfer can be a very nice option.

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Article Blogging Using Facebook Auto Poster

Dear Entrepreneur / Avid Traffic Seeker,

UPDATE:  OMG – Yesterday one of my servers crashed that has over 200 sites on it, 3 of my sites hit the 5,000 visitors a day mark, while others are hitting 2,000 – 4,000 visitors PER DAY using a script similar to ABP that spits out over 10,000 unique articles to a bunch of my websites (I have 639 of them now and growing).

We had to add a new server rack to handle the huge influx of visitors, what a lovely problem to have. But don’t worry if you don’t have like 200 or so sites on one server, you’ll be fine. Using ABP is an accelerated, pumped up, re-written from ground up to work even better than my OLD scripts and has heaps more features too? You’re gonna love it.

For a very cost effective method to increase your traffic, you need Article Blog and a Facebook Auto Poster.

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Why You Must Signup For Google Adsense Account

Top Reasons  Why You Should Start Google Adsense Ads In Your Blog Or Website.


1) 100% Unique, but Proven System that Works! – Adsense simply  works. Not only it has made one of my website  to go from $0 to $3,000 overnight, but has worked for many of my users as well. You can checkout yourself how amazing the adsense program is by simply googling. I initially struggled with getting my adsense account approved, but i got it approved from an adsense approval site – http://buyadsenseaccountz.com (Buy your adsense account from this guy, i vouch for them)
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3 Methods To Track On My Buddy’s Mobile Phone

Here are some ideas and methods if you are looking for methods to track on your buddy’s mobile phone.

Track the mobile of his buddy – the old method

First, you need to be subtle about this and keep an ear attentive when it receives or makes calls. If you want to be ultra-sneaky, you’ll probably need to look into his SMS text messages and all the history you can see; As long as your buddy is out of reach of the mobile phone. There are many free online cell phone location tracker to track the loacation of your buddy

Track calls

This can give you some peace of mind for you or it could just confirm your suspicions. If he lies or cheats you, you will probably find evidence in the history of his calls or history of his text messages, SMS. The most secret communications are via mobile phones so it is likely to leave some traces and some evidence about his communications or dialogues.


You should try to get your hands on his phone when he leaves you the possibility. If he thinks you are asleep or about to fall asleep, he will not be likely to use a PIN code or lock it with a password. In all cases, it is likely that he forgets to do so at times. He may have complete confidence in you and he will never suspect that you are trying to track on his messages, Internet history or WhatsApp or other chat programs and instant messaging.

Text Entry Recorder and free online cell phone location tracker Applications

For someone who wants to keep a case as secret as possible or want to control a spouse’s calls – it’s likely that your spouse uses a password or PIN most of the time on his phone . It is also possible that he owns another phone that he uses only for his activity, so be sure to check all the hiding places he can have to keep something hidden.

Check the usual places where it goes; To which he thinks you will not go: the garage, the garden outhouse, the tool hut, an office or the games room. Check out places like under the bed, compartments hidden under drawers or things he can not keep close to him and on during his trips like sports bags or work bags or briefcases.

This is the thing to do if you need to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you and if you know that there will be evidence on his mobile phone. You can also do similar things online with their computer if you manage to get hold of his email passwords. If you get them, you will probably also access discussions on Skype and other passwords and you will be able to see the history and see if you are lying or cheating on you.

A friend to help you

Another thing you can do to keep his trust in his eyes and listen when he is on his phone. There will be less suspicion if it is with a friend and you can control and check her phone for hidden data such as phone numbers, address book or browsing history on the Internet or call logs And history. If you can find a reputable person then this will make the task easier.

I guess the last resort is to install so-called trackware mobile phone on the phone your buddy. This is an free online cell phone location tracker application or program that you can install on any phone that has an Internet connection . Of course, you’ll need access to do so, but it will be the only way to retrieve all the data you need and do not doubt that you are tracking.

The last resort? Buy track software

Generally, the software is invisible on its phone and transmits all data (including a record of phone calls if you need it) to a secure platform on the web where you can (and only you) extract all Transmitted data. This includes all text sent and received, all the history of the phone calls (dialed and incoming numbers, time and date, if the number is linked to a known contact name in his phone), Internet browsing, all emails sent by the phone as well as all sorts of other features such as intercepting messages on WhatsApp and Skype. In short, whatever he can do with his phone, you will be informed.

Personal bankruptcy

What is personal bankruptcy?

Personal bankruptcy is an optional penalty imposed by a court against a manager of a company placed in receivership or liquidation due to acts committed in the exercise of his management.

If personal bankruptcy no longer leads the merchant to be sold as a slave as in the days of the Romans, in the galleys as in the 17th century or in prison as in the 19th century, it is indeed an infamous sanction whose consequences are Very damaging to the person against whom it is pronounced.

Who can be condemned to personal bankruptcy?

Personal bankruptcy may be ordered against the natural persons mentioned below when a judicial reorganization or judicial liquidation has been initiated.It may be pronounced against a trader, a farmer or a craftsman and any person carrying out an independent professional activity that is not subject to an authority of a professional order. This type of case is handled by  an experienced Phoenix Bankruptcy Law Firm .

What are the facts that could lead to a personal bankruptcy?

The facts concerned are those carried out before the opening of the collective proceedings.

The following are likely to result in a personal bankruptcy order:

To have abusively prosecuted a loss-making operation which could only lead to the cessation of payments;

Misappropriation or concealment of all or part of its assets or fraudulently increased its liabilities.

In addition, individual contractors with limited liability (EIRL) enjoy specific cases:

Have disposed of the assets of the patrimony which are the subject of the proceedings as if they were included in another of its patrimonies;

Under the cover of the activity covered by the procedure, concealing his actions, he has engaged in commercial activities in an interest other than that of that activity;

To have made the property or credit of the undertaking affected by the proceedings a use contrary to the interest of the latter for personal purposes or to favor a legal person or undertaking in which he was directly or indirectly interested.

What is the prescription of the bankruptcy action? How long is the measurement?

Personal bankruptcy proceedings shall be forfeited for a period of three years from the date of the judgment to commence bankruptcy or liquidation.

The person in bankruptcy can not be more than 15 years. Phoenix Bankruptcy Law Firm helps all the bankruptcy cases.

What are the consequences of a personal bankruptcy conviction?

The first sanction attached to personal bankruptcy is the prohibition of directing, managing, administering or controlling, directly or indirectly, any commercial or craft enterprise, any farm or any other independent business and any legal entity.

The court which pronounces the personal bankruptcy may pronounce the incapacity to exercise an elective public office. The incapacity is pronounced for a period equal to that of the personal bankruptcy, within the limit of five years.

A third and not least consequence is that the creditors regain their right of individual prosecution against the debtor natural person against whom is pronounced a personal bankruptcy.

Is there a way to be relieved of such a conviction?

The person concerned may ask the court to relieve him, in whole or in part, of disqualifications and prohibitions and the inability to exercise an elective public office if he has made a sufficient contribution to the payment of the liabilities.


Boost Your Blog And SEO With SEO Services London

Much more than just a search engine , it is also a whole series of tools largely free that can contribute to improve its Blog or even boost it. These tools are also very good ways to better understand the web on a personal and professional level, thanks to popular and fairly damned documentary databases.

View statistics about his blog or website, check that the sitemap of his Blog is sent to Google, show news about his site in the Google News , check that pages are well suited to navigation via small screen … Here are examples of what can be done for free via these famous seo services london, which I propose you to see in more detail 🙂


Search Console

This tool with the name a little barbarian and hilarious to pronounce is one more than a simple tool since it regroups today of precious and useful information relative to a blog or website that will have to be connected to him. Thanks to the Search Console that was called a few months ago, Webmaster Tools, you can for example:

– Discover what searches lead users on his or her Blogs .

– Submit to Google a part or all the content of his blog via sending a sitemap .

– See the links to his Blog.

For a first approach to this tool if you do not know it or not, you can consult this publication which will present to you its main functionalities . The use of this tool is not mandatory, however it is widely recommended for the interest it presents, if only to understand more serenely some aspects of the web and referencing.

Sending a sitemap from a blog or site to Google will allow Google to learn about the content you offer online, whether it’s text content or your images and photos. So why deprive yourself of this? 😉

Analytics service

As its name rightly says, Analytics service provides fairly accurate and accurate statistics regarding website traffic or blog. It happens that again, the tool is free.  So even if its use remains completely optional, this seo services london offered by seo london remains one of the most popular and acclaimed in the world.

Via  Analytics service, you will be able to discover among many other infos, the rate of rebound or conversion rate, the number of unique visitors per day , per month as well as in real time or the addresses or media from which the users arrive On your site or blog …

To use Analytics service, it will be necessary to link its Blog to the tool , in different ways depending on the platform of Blog used or the CMS used (WordPress, Joomla …). Sometimes, as with WordPress.com, you’ll have to put your hand to the wallet since access to Analytics service data will only be available by opting for a rather expensive premium offer.

It should be noted that Analytics service is a tool today with features so vast and numerous that it will probably take many hours of use to get the most out of this free online software .


Select quote life insurance is a savings and transmission contract that allows you to build up or value capital at your own pace. Banks, insurers and other financial institutions offer different formulas to suit your needs.

What is a life insurance policy?

A select quote life insurance contract is an agreement whereby an insurer commits to the subscriber for the payment of premium (s), to pay a capital or annuity in the event of life or death of a designated person ( The insured) for the benefit of the participant or a third party (the beneficiary). Life insurance allows either to make a financial wealth grow or to build one by making free or scheduled payments. In addition, life insurance benefits from an advantageous fiscal framework, both in terms of financial investment and inheritance tax.

How can I assure insurance if I want to compare life insurance contracts?

Select quote life insurance is a tool for saving and transmitting capital, which has become the preferred investment for the India. But, with its different types of products and contracts, it is also one of the most complex.

With assurland.com, the life insurance policy comparator, you can compare the life insurance policies of several insurance companies free of charge. If you are interested in any of the life insurance policies offered by our insurance comparator, you can obtain documentation directly.

Fill out this life insurance form and compare in detail the best select quote life insurance deals according to your needs and budget.

You need :

– the maturity date of your current contract if you are currently insured. If you do not know it, you will find this information on your current insurance policy.


A policy is introduced , which protects the insured against serious illnesses with guarantees such as financial protection , accompaniment and guidance to receive the most appropriate treatment available worldwide.


This insurance covers treatments such as coronary artery Bypass, heart valve replacement, live donor and bone marrow transplantation, neurosurgery, cancer treatments and neurodegenerative disease coverage.

In addition, the policy does not require any disbursement by the client, since the insurer directly covers the expenses of the treatment abroad and the management of the trip , as well as the accommodation of the insured person and a companion. It also includes compensation for hospitalization, reimbursement of medical expenses and repatriation in case of death . On the other hand, the whole of life insurance calculator has a second medical opinion due to serious illness, health prevention and promotion plans, distance medical advice, access to Health and Wellness Club and Online Testament.

When someone falls ill, is analyzed by a medical committee that selects world-class experts , specialists in this pathology, who propose the most appropriate treatment in international centers. On the other hand, It has a maximum whole of life insurance calculator capital of 1 million euros per insured and year of the policy and a maximum limit of 2 million euros per insured during the life of the policy. The permanence in the policy can be up to 75 years.


The Details Fall In Love With Google – Steps To Create Your SEO Strategy

The success of your SEO strategy is the accumulation of many small details that, little by little, are adding points with Google. The truth is that a website must have certain specific configurations to successfully carry out the positioning in the web search engines . Here are some things to keep in mind:

Metadescription : This is the text that appears in the search results (SERP). Metadata does not affect your SEO directly, but it is an important tag because it influences the number of visits you receive from the search engines . When you compose the meta description of your pages, try to include your keywords and a call to action (“meet us”, “visit us”, “quote today”, etc.). Remember not to exceed 155 characters.

For example : “Discover the latest beauty trends in” company name “. We have a selection of makeup, skin care, accessories and much more. Come on in! ”

Customize your links : Be sure to customize your URLs according to the content of each page of your website and including your keywords.

Create your favicon : The “favorite icon”, also known as “favicon”, is the small image that appears in the address bar, bookmarks and bookmarks of your browser. Most of the time the logo of the company is used and counts on a size of 16 px by 16 px.

Fix Broken Links

Surely many have happened to us that we are visiting a website and then end up in a 404 error page. These broken links are not only annoying but can also damage your SEO efforts. Why? When your visitors discover that they have broken links, they will not want to continue browsing other pages , and if your visitors spend less time on your site, web browsers will assume that you are not providing a good user experience and will lower your web positioning. seo services london Helps your site to rank in first pages.

Use your own links

When you write content for your website, especially when it comes to your blog, try having one theme lead to another to extend the time your readers navigate your site. How to do it? Use the internal links , that is, the links that go from one page to another  on your website .

If you write an article about skin care tips, try linking it to another article on your blog (for example: skin care for all ages) within the same text. You have to be clever in writing and think about how you are going to link it to make it consistent with the rest of the article. seo services london is the best option if you wish to rank your website.

For example , you can write it in such a way: “Your beauty routine should be designed for your needs, so it is important that you adopt the best skin care according to your age .” The phrase that is in bold is where you would add the hyperlink that takes the reader to the other article in your blog.

Why Financial Recovery Is So Important In Catastrophic Injury Cases

Spinal cord injuries and head injuries are the most serious truck accident injuries that one can experience and have long-term consequences.

A person who has suffered from paralysis due to a crushed or cut the spinal cord is susceptible to other health problems throughout his life. Depending on the severity of the lesion of the spinal cord, the person may need help with many activities of daily living. Spinal cord injury victims often benefit from adaptive equipment, accessible van or car, and changes at home. All these cost money, a full and fair settlement of an accident can provide.

With brain injuries, the full extent possible recovery may not be clear for many months. It’s important not to accept a solution too soon, before all the medical facts are known. Our lawyers help clients access to medical experts who understand head injuries and treatment options available for people with brain damage.

Contact with phoenix personal injury lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered a severe back injury or severe fractures after being hit be a passenger in a truck or SUV, you can fight for their right to compensation .

Talk to an experienced technician phoenix personal injury lawyer. We offer no cost, no obligation initial consultation. You’ll pay attorney’s fees only if we succeed in obtaining compensation for you through negotiations or litigation.

Free consultation

Speak to a phoenix personal injury lawyer # 6 (cropped) If you had an accident and want to speak with an attorney, you can immediately contact phoenix personal injury lawyer with experience in personal injury cases at the DaultLaw Firm office and receive a free consultation with Regarding their situation. In many large legal offices office staff are simply designed to attract customers. Here, you can ask your questions to an experienced lawyer, and our team will give you the necessary support during your treatment process, assist you in the administration of your medical bills, and will fight for a resolution that is favorable to you.

Free consultation, and no upfront expenses Attorney meets with clients for a free consultation

We offer consultation completely free and without obligations. In many cases, we can help you receive your medical treatment without having to pay in advance. We work under contingency fee; We are not paid anything in advance, and we are only paid if we solve your case.


Can I locate A Cell Phone Without Installing Software

Being able to carry out the tracking of a mobile device without installation of a program could lead to many problems in society, since anyone could invade the privacy of others and create a constant sense of insecurity.

Ordinary users can not locate mobile by number, since the only way to monitor a smartphone is through a program previously installed, for which you will need access to it for a few minutes to complete the procedure.

Once  the application is installed, it does not require any manipulation of the telephone in question and all data and options to receive information will be obtained directly from the server through a web address that is accessed from any device with Internet.

Options for a free online cell phone location tracker

If you are thinking “I can locate a cell phone or not”, you will have to know that there are very simple ways to get it, with a lot of information that you can get not only about the geographical location of the device but also all of its internal activity.

Through the web you can find some free online cell phone location tracker that presents some basic functions, but many of them are effective , they end up being discovered by the users of the phones that you want to track.

Therefore, the best option is a paid program such as mSpy , you can get with different pricing options and plans. With this application you can monitor not only the location of the cell but also receive data calls, text messages and interactions through instant messaging, access the address book and Internet browsing history. It is the best free online cell phone location tracker .