Facebook auto poster is the Development Platform for facebook

We have launched the beta version of the Facebook Development Platform, a new set of services enabling developers to create outside applications that work with Facebook. This first edition will bring Facebook friend relationships, photos, events, and profile information to web and desktop applications. We think this is a great opportunity for users and developers to engage with Facebook in new and exciting ways.

The discussion forum in the Facebook Development Platform Group is very active, with programmers collaborating on projects, offering tips, and reviewing each others work.

If you are a programmer, you should check out the Facebook Development Platform Group. You can share your ideas, find people with common interests, and ask questions of the community of Facebook developers. The discussion group has a lot to offer, including the direct assistance of the Facebook team that brought you the development platform.

For people who arent into programming, the Facebook Development Platform means you?ll begin to see interesting applications, both on the web and your desktop, that extend your Facebook experience to anything that youre into. We enforce the same set of privacy rules for your information as when youre on Facebook, but now you can choose to use your information in the applications developed by other people through our platform. To see what people have done, and what you?d like to use, check out the product directory.

Facebook auto poster software runs because of work done in the development community, so were really excited to contribute this development platform back to it. Our new site at http://developers.facebook.com also includes some open source projects were been working on.

Tips on How to Transfer Money to Bangalore

There are a lot of ways on how to send money to  Bangalore from the United States. Two of the most widely used method of sending money are banks and prepaid debit cards. If your recipient has an existing account on a certain bank it is best to create an account on the bank you prefer. It is a great idea because money sent on the same bank with the recipient is processed quickly compared to other methods of transferring money. Sometimes, it is also less costly if you will transfer money within the same bank. In this case Currency exchange in Bangalore is the best currency translator in the word.

If you chose to transfer money within banks, it is  an easy task. Although the process may be easy but the time of transfer may take several waiting periods before the amount can be transferred into another bank. Normally, it may take 5 working days with a substantial higher cost than the same bank to bank transfer.

Transfer money to  Bangalore by currency exchange in Bangalore  using a bank is one of the easiest way to do it. Currency exchange can actually transfer your money quickly to the recipient but it may require consequent bank to be able to receive the money. The charge is  expensive if you engage in an international wire transfer. But if you need to transfer the money as quickly as possible, wire transfer can be a very nice option.

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Article Blogging Using Facebook Auto Poster

Dear Entrepreneur / Avid Traffic Seeker,

UPDATE:  OMG – Yesterday one of my servers crashed that has over 200 sites on it, 3 of my sites hit the 5,000 visitors a day mark, while others are hitting 2,000 – 4,000 visitors PER DAY using a script similar to ABP that spits out over 10,000 unique articles to a bunch of my websites (I have 639 of them now and growing).

We had to add a new server rack to handle the huge influx of visitors, what a lovely problem to have. But don’t worry if you don’t have like 200 or so sites on one server, you’ll be fine. Using ABP is an accelerated, pumped up, re-written from ground up to work even better than my OLD scripts and has heaps more features too? You’re gonna love it.

For a very cost effective method to increase your traffic, you need Article Blog and a Facebook Auto Poster.

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Why You Must Signup For Google Adsense Account

Top Reasons  Why You Should Start Google Adsense Ads In Your Blog Or Website.


1) 100% Unique, but Proven System that Works! – Adsense simply  works. Not only it has made one of my website  to go from $0 to $3,000 overnight, but has worked for many of my users as well. You can checkout yourself how amazing the adsense program is by simply googling. I initially struggled with getting my adsense account approved, but i got it approved from an adsense approval site – http://buyadsenseaccountz.com (Buy your adsense account from this guy, i vouch for them)
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The Beer Party

Every Tuesday Tap Room on 19th, 2400 S. 19th Street,Philadelphia,PA 19145 United States+ Google Map
3 Different House-Made Tacos for $2 each ALL Day, Plus Drink Specials! Find out more »May 12 – May 16Pinocchio’s Beer Garden To Go, 131 E Baltimore Ave.,Media,PA19063United States+ Google MapFind out more »5:00 pmMay 12 – 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm|Recurring Event (See all)

Every Tuesday The Grey Lodge, 6235 Frankford Ave,Philadelphia,PA 19135 United States+ Google Map
Every Tuesday evening here at The Grey Lodge it’s Taco Tuesday! Every week our kitchen comes with three different new tacos. 3 tacos for $8. Mix and match as you like! We let the kitchen krew get creative so you…Read more ›Find out more »6:30 pmMay 12 – 6:30 pmCJ’s Doghouse, 1555 Sumneytown Pike,Lansdale,PA19446United States+ Google Map
The Next Womens club will be on May 12 at 6:30. We will be tasting seven different beers that one would love all summer long! Find out more »8:00 pmFreeMay 12 – 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm|Recurring Event (See all)

Every Tuesday TJ’s Restaurant & Drinkery, 35 Paoli Plaza,Paoli,PA19301United States+ Google Map
Tuesdays at 8PM It’s FREE to play Find out more »May 12 – 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm|Recurring Event (See all)

Every TuesdayBainbridge Street Barrel House, 625 S 6th St,Philadelphia,PA19147United States+ Google Map
EVERY TUESDAY JOIN US: Find out more »8:30 pm May 12 – 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm|Recurring Event (See all)

Every Tuesday Hop Angel Brauhaus, 7980 Oxford Avenue,Philadelphia,PA19111United States+ Google Map
Every Tuesday, it’s Quizzo with Quiz Lord Ryan. Questions, prizes, beer. Find out more »10:00 pmMay 12 – 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm|Recurring Event (See all)

Every Tuesday Memphis Taproom, 2331 East Cumberland Street,Philadelphia,PA19125United States+ Google Map
Can’t wait for the return of Beer Garden Quizzo with host JB Farley? Us either. Come get brainy with us every Tuesday night starting at 10pm for your chance to win Memphis Money! Find out more »Day Navigation

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Upcoming Events | Ballast Point Beer Dinner

Alright, we’re adding the ability to submit events anonymously, sort of. You can now fill out this very basic form to submit a single event. No personal info is required.
The event entered via this form will be processed slightly differently since it is not part of our automated workflow/submission so there may be a 24 hour delay while we validate it. Once validated we’ll enter the event manually, assign the proper category, create a venue entry (if one does not exist) and so on. So we kinda do all the work for ya! you just paste the event details and send ’em! how about that?
Posted on February 6, 2015 by BeerAndScifi

Today we have 17 beer events happening in the Philly area. Yes, SEVENTEEN!
So far I believe that is the most we’ve had in one day but I’m sure as the Lehigh Valley and Philly Beer Weeks come around this record will be shattered easily.
In the meantime enjoy this Friday and all the great beer events it has to offer!Posted on February 4, 2015 by BeerAndScifi

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. We update our feed daily and announce new event postings on regular basis.
We’re @BeerAndScifi on Twitter.

Posted on February 4, 2016 by BeerAndScifi

Things are progressing well, our traffic has been increasing steadily since the relaunch. We’ve worked out couple minor bugs and the registration/submission process is working really good.
Right now we have the largest collection of beer events in the Philly area and we hope to continue our growth.
If you notice any issues with the website, especially the mobile versions please let us know.

Black Market Aftermath Pale Ale

2014 Black Market Brewing Co’s Aftermath Pale Ale has big dreams. The can looks like something that came out of the marketing department at the now defunct Jolt Cola after they watched Ghostbusters 25-30 times. The can claims, “When the world as we know it is on the brink, human comforts will be few, and survivors will scramble to prepare for the AFTERMATH. You won’t have any time to waste on any ordinary beer…Get your hands on this beer now before it’s too late.”

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Best Scientific Calculators

Math has troubled man since ancient times. It is a necessity. Yet numbers grew and grew. They were seemingly limited only by human imaginations. But human imagination can and calculating can only go so far before our brain quits on us and yells There has to be an easier way!

Various devices were created for this purpose. The first was the abacus. It was a wooden device with beads that a person moved up and down according to his desired calculation. It worked great! – For simple arithmetic. But as math advanced and algebra, calculus and trigonometry began to be used, the abacus could not keep up.

For these far more complex calculations, mechanical and then electronic devices were invented. Astronomical calculations were done using astrolabes, which were used by the ancient Greeks. During the 1600s, logarithmic equations necessitated the creation of the slide rule. In 1642, Blaise Pascal created a mechanical calculator. The mechanical calculator continued to be developed until the arrival of electronic components, which changed the way it would be designed. Continue reading