Say Cheers with Red Wine

There was not any requirement for them to go for crash diets to lose weight fast treatment.

The moderate diet of French comprises of 108 gms of fat in a day from animal source when compared with an American who has only a mere 72 gms, much from vegetable source. French men also is used to have a comparatively higher quantity of butter, cheese and pork, but lived a disease free and longer life. This nature of the French is named as the “French Paradox” and is also seen in the Mediterranean basin, where it is termed as the “Mediterranean Effect”.
The inclusion of red wine in the diet by the French is regarded as the key issue attributed to the Paradox. The red wine contains antioxidants such as the Resveratol was said to be the protective substance. Dr. David Sinclair the co founder of the Sirtris, with his team mates has done a study on Resveratol, which they featured to be the active ingredient of the red wine.
It was on 30th of November 2006, the major news agencies unanimously reported that it was not Resveratol but the Procyanidins contained in red wine that are the responsible factor for their health benefits.
Roger Corder, the author of “The Red Wine Diet” basically had three questions to be studied.

1. How does Red Wine reduce heart disease?

2. What is the protective component?

3. Do all red wines confer the same benefits?This led him to study many interesting aspects of the geographical distribution of people with respect to consumption of red wine and the benefits derived by them.
Procyanidin is an antioxidant that is found in all red wines but some do have this protective component more than the rest. The Red wine produced from the Tannat grapes is found to contain peak concentrations of this antioxidant.
The inner surface of the arteries of circulatory system gets collected with the worn out (oxidized) fat molecules and calcium. This blocks the usual flow of blood and can end up in life threatening disease like high blood pressure (hypertension) and coronary heart disease. This undesired condition is named as arthrosclerosis. The Procyanidin molecule gets utilized by deoxidizing these fat molecules and prevents their accumulation in the arteries of circulatory system, hence increases their function. In the opinion of Roger Corder this antioxidant causes profound changes in the blood vessel function. Procyanidin found in the red wine also produces a series of circulatory system benefits, such as reduces blood clot, promotes healthy cholesterol metabolism and relaxes the blood vessels.
Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and is an autonomous region of Italy. Roger Corder was surprised to find the residents of this region with high concentration of centenarians (people who live to hundred years of age) and considered it to their consumption of red wine, being a part of the Mediterranean diets.
Alsace is the area with highest heart diseases and lowest longevity in France is noticed to be a white wine consuming area is another interesting fact observed by Roger Corder.
White wine has low amount of procyanidin comparing to that of red wine. White wine is made by fermenting only the fruit on the other hand in red wine the smashed seed and skin are also fermented with the fruit and as a result contains more of the protective substance. A longer fermentation produces more concentration of the Procyanidins. He also suggests that people who do not consume red wine may still have the benefits of procyanidin by consuming dark chocolates and certain berries.