The Details Fall In Love With Google – Steps To Create Your SEO Strategy

The success of your SEO strategy is the accumulation of many small details that, little by little, are adding points with Google. The truth is that a website must have certain specific configurations to successfully carry out the positioning in the web search engines . Here are some things to keep in mind:

Metadescription : This is the text that appears in the search results (SERP). Metadata does not affect your SEO directly, but it is an important tag because it influences the number of visits you receive from the search engines . When you compose the meta description of your pages, try to include your keywords and a call to action (“meet us”, “visit us”, “quote today”, etc.). Remember not to exceed 155 characters.

For example : “Discover the latest beauty trends in” company name “. We have a selection of makeup, skin care, accessories and much more. Come on in! ”

Customize your links : Be sure to customize your URLs according to the content of each page of your website and including your keywords.

Create your favicon : The “favorite icon”, also known as “favicon”, is the small image that appears in the address bar, bookmarks and bookmarks of your browser. Most of the time the logo of the company is used and counts on a size of 16 px by 16 px.

Fix Broken Links

Surely many have happened to us that we are visiting a website and then end up in a 404 error page. These broken links are not only annoying but can also damage your SEO efforts. Why? When your visitors discover that they have broken links, they will not want to continue browsing other pages , and if your visitors spend less time on your site, web browsers will assume that you are not providing a good user experience and will lower your web positioning. seo services london Helps your site to rank in first pages.

Use your own links

When you write content for your website, especially when it comes to your blog, try having one theme lead to another to extend the time your readers navigate your site. How to do it? Use the internal links , that is, the links that go from one page to anotherĀ  on your website .

If you write an article about skin care tips, try linking it to another article on your blog (for example: skin care for all ages) within the same text. You have to be clever in writing and think about how you are going to link it to make it consistent with the rest of the article. seo services london is the best option if you wish to rank your website.

For example , you can write it in such a way: “Your beauty routine should be designed for your needs, so it is important that you adopt the best skin care according to your age .” The phrase that is in bold is where you would add the hyperlink that takes the reader to the other article in your blog.