Why Financial Recovery Is So Important In Catastrophic Injury Cases

Spinal cord injuries and head injuries are the most serious truck accident injuries that one can experience and have long-term consequences.

A person who has suffered from paralysis due to a crushed or cut the spinal cord is susceptible to other health problems throughout his life. Depending on the severity of the lesion of the spinal cord, the person may need help with many activities of daily living. Spinal cord injury victims often benefit from adaptive equipment, accessible van or car, and changes at home. All these cost money, a full and fair settlement of an accident can provide.

With brain injuries, the full extent possible recovery may not be clear for many months. It’s important not to accept a solution too soon, before all the medical facts are known. Our lawyers help clients access to medical experts who understand head injuries and treatment options available for people with brain damage.

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If you or a loved one suffered a severe back injury or severe fractures after being hit be a passenger in a truck or SUV, you can fight for their right to compensation .

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